The Terror of the Terragon Clan

Session 1 - The Missing Fireworks
An unlikely pairing

Finding the Fireworks

It is the middle of the summer season, and the denizens of The Oasis, an order of druids and rangers, are preparing for their annual solstice festival. The normally modest and calm tribe is alive and gathering for a most magnificent celebration.

Among those living at The Oasis is a half-orc by the name of Tober Sky. As he is getting ready for the festival, he is approached by Elurian, a self-righteous elven elite guard. He tells Tober that he had recently sent out a group of goblins to collect fire berries for a popular refreshment. The problem is that the goblins have yet to return. Elurian orders Tober to deal with finding the goblins since he’s far too busy to do it himself (and doesn’t particularly care for what he considered “lesser” creatures).

Tober and his faithful badger Winston head out to track the goblins in the forest. He successfully finds one of the goblins; however, the poor thing has been torn to shreds by some sort of animal. Tober recognizes the marks from that of a wild boar. As he follows the tracks, he runs across a strangely dressed gnome with a much larger bird. The gnome introduces himself as Avery Gold and his summoned companion Halcion.

They find the boar and easily dispatch of it. However, they realize the boar was attempting to tear at the ground around a rather large tree. After a bit of searching, they find a buried path leading underground. After hearing noises below ground, they decide to enter.

They draw out a contingent of three kobolds and dispatch with them. They find a storage room filled with random crates, some of which were supposed to be delivered to The Oasis. They find a crudely drawn map of the surrounding area with marks at different spots surrounding The Oasis. They also find crates with metal tubes and barrels of a powdery substance.

Session 2 - The Kobold Camp

Tober and Avery return to The Oasis with their gathered evidence from the hidden kobold lair. They take the information to Elurian, who somewhat commands Tober (though a bit condescendingly) and asks that they go investigate the other locations to stop the kobold plot. After examining the map, the closest location lies to the north of The Oasis.

Tired from all their travels, Tober goes back to his home, where he introduces Avery to Uncle Pete. Friendly old Pete welcomes Avery into their home and offers him a place to sleep. Avery accidentally takes Winston’s bed, angering the badger and nearly getting Avery bit. They awake to the smell of cooking bacon, and Avery wanders into the kitchen excitedly but finds Uncle Pete in little more than an apron, one that hung a bit too high. Scarred a bit by the experience, Avery is eager to leave on their way to the kobold camp to the north.

They travel that next day north for some time until they come across a clearing in the forest that looks like it had been crudely chopped down somewhat recently. Out in the clearing are a fire and several tents occupied by kobold soldiers. [Pick up here]


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